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The Baby Dome by Funda Toys

The Baby Dome by Funda Toys

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A sustainably-made baby play gym with a set of 6 high contrast cards.

This birch wood dome is made completely of baby safe materials (non-toxic). The dome has 3 legs with 9 holes for Baby Dangles. The high contrast cards are held by 3 carefully designed card clips that securely slide along the legs of the dome. The dome is held together by two central disks that easily screw together with an Allen Key. The base of each leg has attachment holes to secure a baby mat under the dome.

Play gyms are great for the development of your baby in their first 12 months of life and provide a perfect space for them to observe, learn and play with the new world around them. The baby dome is thoughtfully designed to meet your child’s developmental needs through their first year of life.

Flat-packable and easy to set-up and take down, makes for easy storage when the baby dome is not being used. 

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Developmental benefits of using a play gym

Cognitive development:

Children (including infants) learn through play, they can discover through cause and effect and primary circular reactions (when a child discovers an action/sensation and intentionally repeats this action at a later stage. Baby gym’s focus on arousing the imagination and mental development as they become curious about their world around them. An infant's attention span is short (around about two/three minutes per year of their age). A play gym offers varying activities to focus on for short periods of time and often, depending on the stimulus, aid stimulation in the calm alert state.

Visual-perceptual development:

The high contrast cards and dangling animals aid the development of depth-perception. As their visual perception improves, they are encouraged to start to reach out and grab the objects. Improved hand-eye coordination, which lays the foundation skills needed to sit, crawl and walk.

Motor development:

The dangling objects encourage infants to reach out and grab. Reaching and grasping encourages babies to develop their muscles in their arms, legs, backs, tummies and necks. This also stimulates fine motor skills used for grasping and holding items later on. Baby gyms encourage gross muscle development through tummy time. First, babies will learn to bring their  hands together at the midline in order to hold a toy and later they will  reach across the midline of the body. Crossing the midline of the body is a vital skill that helps babies learn to crawl later on.  Bilateral skills (two handed coordination) and hand dominance is also developed.

Product specifications

Size: 1m diameter x 64cm height.

Weight: 1.5kg's

This baby dome is made from high quality, non-toxic birch plywood. The dome has 3 card clips that attach to the legs of the dome with elastic straps, allowing the clips to slide up and down the dome's legs.
The dome uses 1 screw to secure the legs to a set of central discs that sandwich the legs into place.

It takes no more than 3-4 minutes to assemble the Baby Dome.

Once assembled this products is super light weight and easy to move around your home.

Assembly Instructions

Please follow the link for a short video on how to set the Baby Dome up at home.

How-To Video

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