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Creating hand crafted products with care for quality & attention to detail.

Mbuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe was a well respected revolutionary of her time and sacrificed her life for the independence of her country. Nehanda Design is named after this queen in her own right. A historical icon and woman who is viewed as a grandmother (Mbuya) figure by the people of Zimbabwe.

Hiya, I’m Nehanda Magan

I'm the owner of Nehanda Design Pty Ltd and winner of the 2014 Southern Guild Industrial Design Apprenticeship award.

I studied Industrial Design gaining skills in product design & development, illustration, 3D CAD modeling & rendering, and graphic design.

This business started when my cousin asked me to make her first baby boy a nursery mobile in 2019. This ignited a little side hustle that slowly grew, one custom order at time. I found a need for baby nursery mobiles that celebrated African fauna and flora.

Now over 300 custom mobiles later we've reached South African's all over the planet who want a "little piece of home" for their little one's to enjoy.

I intend to create a working environment that inspires skill-sharing, creativity, self-expression and the employment of people in need of work and income.

Here, we focus on hand crafted products that bring value to the lives of little ones and their parents through playful design that inspires kids and parents to take care. In an attempt to avoid waste, we make individual products to order for private customers, allowing our customers to personalize their orders as they wish and create a product that will last generations.

We have the capacity to supply and export batch orders to retail partners and enjoy building lasting relationships through clear and prompt communication, reliability and maintaining the quality of our products when scaling up. We are always excited with designing and adapting our products to fit the needs and aesthetics of our partners. So don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in learning more.

Quality over quantity

We work within a fine balance of sourcing local manufacturers for components, keeping our prices as competitive as possible, maintaining an outstanding level of quality that allows our products to last for generations.

This means that we do need to buy some components made abroad when local alternatives don’t exist or push our prices too high.

Have a look around and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or enquiries!​

Enjoy the journey!

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  • Craft & Design Institute

    The CDI has supported us from the very beginning and continues to support us with courses, workshops, business mentorship, funding and other recourses that have been key to the growth of our business.