Tellus Rocking Lounger

Tellus Rocking Lounger

Tellus, translated into 'relax' or 'Earth' in Latin, this chair is inspired by both.

Winning the Southern Guild Design Foundation's Future Growth Apprenticeship Award in 2015 was such an honor. I was given the opportunity to design and manufacture a furniture piece, facilitated by Guideline MNF and I had nothing else but a rocking chair in mind. A young designer fresh out of university, I was attracted to challenging myself to designing objects I had never seen before.

The piece would be exhibited at Southern Guild's A New Wave Exhibition in Aug/Sep 2016. My intention was to provoke a combined sense of relaxation and playfulness that one experiences on a lounge chair as well as a park swing.

I think it’s incredibly important, as adults, to keep a sense of youthfulness about us. To be grateful for what we have, while maintaining that child-like fascination, wonder, intrigue and playfulness that provokes innovation and fresh ideas.

Tellus began as a completely organic form, given my love for biology and the natural living world, however due to constraints in manufacturing processes and financial capital available at the time, the form evolved into a fractal, geometric interpretation of my original concept, creating a rather angular industrialised piece of furniture.

Tellus: Sharp and angular from a distance. Relaxing and fun once you take a seat.

Materials: Mild Steel. Ash Timber. Vegetable-Tan Leather.


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