Crafting Luxury: Wooden Packaging Boxes for Opihr Gin

Crafting Luxury: Wooden Packaging Boxes for Opihr Gin

When Thingking Studio urgently required 8 wooden packaging boxes for Opihr Gin, commissioned by Andpeople, I took on the task with dedication. The challenge was clear: deliver within one week, ensuring excellent attention to detail and quality.

Product Description: The wooden packaging boxes for Opihr Gin were designed with simplicity and functionality in mind:

Dimensions: Each box measured 250mm x 250mm, providing ample space for secure bottle storage.

Materials: Constructed from pine and ply wood for durability and a timeless aesthetic.

Interior Compartments: Sturdy compartments ensured safe transportation of the bottles.

Sliding Lid: Miter joins and grooves facilitated easy access to the contents.

Finish: A golden oak stain enhanced the wood's natural beauty, while high-quality sanding provided a smooth finish.

Branding: Vinyl stickers with the Opihr Gin logo adorned the lids for brand recognition.

Conclusion: Despite the tight deadline, the wooden packaging boxes were delivered with precision. Functional yet elegant, they embody the essence of Opihr Gin's luxury and sophistication, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

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