Creating Interactive Jameson Lights for Brand Activation Events

Creating Interactive Jameson Lights for Brand Activation Events

Introduction: Have You Heard marketing agency partnered with Thingking Studio to design and construct two floor-standing interactive Jameson lights for brand activation events. These lights were intended to engage event attendees by responding to touch, fostering interaction, and providing photo opportunities for the brand.

Product Description: The interactive Jameson lights were designed as 2-meter acrylic signs featuring neon flex lighting. The sign comprised three plug-together parts for easy setup and dismantling by promotional staff. Each letter was constructed with laser-cut green 3mm acrylic forming the outer layers, while a central layer of 3mm aluminum housed the neon flex lighting. Gold vinyl trim adorned the outer edges of each letter, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

An aluminum touch pad atop each letter facilitated the interactive feature, with the lights brightening when three or more letters were touched simultaneously. To ensure ease of use, an instruction manual and instructional video were provided to guide staff through the setup process.

My Responsibilities/Outcomes: As part of the team at Thingking Studio, my responsibilities included:

  1. Collaborating on product design to meet client specifications.
  2. Creating detailed 3D models and renders for client presentation.
  3. Generating manufacturing drawings and files for laser cutting.
  4. Assisting in the assembly of the final product.

Conclusion: The interactive Jameson lights represented a successful collaboration between Have You Heard marketing agency and Thingking Studio, delivering an engaging and visually appealing solution for brand activation events. By incorporating interactive features and plug-and-play functionality, the lights effectively attracted and engaged event attendees while providing memorable photo opportunities for the Jameson brand.

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