Jameson Interactive Light Sign

Jameson Interactive Light Sign

This project was designed and executed with Thingking Studio.

Have You Heard marketing agency approached Thingking Studio to design and build two floor-standing interactive Jameson lights to be used repeatedly at a number of brand activation events.

The light would have to "respond" to people touching the letters in order to bring people together at an event as well as incorporate photo opportunities for the brand. The entire sign would have to be designed as a "plug-and-play" product in order for it to be easy to set up and packed away by promotional employees.

Product Description:

A 2 meter acrylic sign with neon flex lighting. The sign was split into 3 parts that plugged together. The sign was made up of 3 layers; laser cut green 3mm acrylic formed the two outer layers and 3mm aluminium formed the centre layer holding the neon flex lighting. Gold vinyl trim was applied to the outside edges of each letter.

An aluminium touch pad was added to the top of each letter to create the interactive feature. When three or more letters were touched at the same time the light would brighten.

We created an instruction manual along with a video, demonstrating how to set the product up.

My responsibilities/outcomes included product design with the team, product 3D modeling and renders for client presentation, manufacturing drawings and files for laser cutting, and help assembling the final product.


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