Hennessy Night Experience: Innovating with Illumination and Interaction

Hennessy Night Experience: Innovating with Illumination and Interaction

Introduction: Hennessy sought to elevate their brand presence in the night environment by creating impactful touchpoints that engage consumers and lead innovation. RGBC Marketing agency approached Thingking Studio for their innovative approach to interactive design incorporating lighting and electronics. As part of the design team at Thingking Studio, I took the lead in concept development, focusing on incorporating key assets such as the bottle shape and Hennessy iconography logo into immersive experiences.

Concept Development: Drawing inspiration from the brand's key assets and the dynamic atmosphere of the night environment, we developed a series of concepts aimed at creating wow moments and interactive photo opportunities. These concepts were designed to be easy to set up and transport, ensuring versatility and convenience for various event settings and management by promotion staff.

3D Modeling and Renders: To bring our concepts to life, I utilized 3D modeling software to create detailed models and renders that showcased the production methods, materials, and usage details of each touchpoint. By providing clear visualizations, we were able to effectively communicate our ideas to the client and ensure alignment with their vision.

Key Touchpoints: One of our standout concepts included an interactive photo opportunity featuring Hennessy's key assets, designed to captivate consumers and encourage social sharing. Additionally, we proposed incorporating illumination and technological projections at key touchpoints such as the entrance, DJ booth, and photo opportunity to create impactful moments that surprise and delight the audience.

Table Order System: To enhance the consumer experience further, we explored the integration of a table order system that alerts waiters of orders, streamlining the ordering process and improving efficiency.

Conclusion: Working closely with the design team at Thingking Studio, we developed innovative concepts that push the boundaries of brand engagement in the night environment. Through strategic use of illumination, interactive experiences, and technological innovation that was cost effective and easy to set-up by promoters, we aim to create memorable moments that resonate with consumers and elevate the Hennessy brand.

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