Designing Memorable Winter Window Details

Designing Memorable Winter Window Details

Introduction: The Winter Window Details project was presented to Thingking Studio as an exciting opportunity to design captivating window displays for 36 Poetry stores, with some receiving double campaigns, within a specified budget. With a focus on creativity, safety, and ethical sourcing, the task involved concept development, renders, sampling, pricing, production, and nationwide installation. Despite our efforts, the client did not proceed with our designs, and similar displays were observed in stores the following season.

Design Process:

  1. Concept Development: We brainstormed three unique concepts per campaign, ensuring alignment with client preferences and budget constraints.
  2. Renders: Detailed digital renders were created to visualize each concept, showcasing the proposed window displays in a realistic setting.
  3. Sampling and Pricing: We sourced materials and obtained competitive pricing to ensure the feasibility of each concept for full rollout.
  4. Window Mock-Up: A physical mock-up was crafted either at our head office or a selected store, providing a tangible preview of the proposed display.
  5. Full Production: All campaign elements, including props, decals, signage, and lighting, were meticulously produced to meet quality standards.
  6. Packaging and Delivery: Adequate packaging was employed to ensure the safe transportation of campaign elements to stores via the distribution center.
  7. Installation: Our team provided easy-to-understand instruction manuals for store teams to self-install the displays at top stores nationwide.
  8. Special Treatments: Specialized window treatments, such as painting, were incorporated to enhance the visual appeal of the displays.

Outcome: Despite presenting concepts within budget and offering options for client consideration, we did not receive feedback on our designs. Subsequently, similar window displays were observed in retail stores during the following season. While disappointed by the lack of engagement from the client, we remain proud of our creative efforts and the quality of work delivered throughout the project.

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